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Our field of choice, we can help you solve almost any problem within NLP.
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From diverse language data to model development

Data in any language
We collect and label speech, audio, text and handwriting data with our global crowd of 10 million contributors.
ML model development
From simple models to complex deep learning algorithms, we help develop the right solution for you.
Rapid scaling
Once we’re sure we can collect the right data with the right model, we can scale up rapidly. All anonymized, of course.

Source diverse data in any language

Our contributors come from all walks of life, all over the world and - as one of the few data providers in the world - includes otherwise hard-to-reach geographies and languages. This allows you to collect and label utterances and text to produce diverse, well-represented datasets which are essential in NLP. 
All our data labeling is 100% human-verified (often up to five times) to ensure accuracy, and we also employ machine and heuristic validation.
More on data collection

Text and handwriting

We tackle all problems within NLP that deal with the collection and understanding of text and meaning. This includes but is certainly not limited to:
Collection and labeling using classification
Sentiment and intent analysis
Question answering
Named entity recognition
Entity linking
Relationship extraction
We also do work in handwriting on various use-cases, such as digital ink and optical character recognition.

Speech & audio

Given our data collection abilities, we work a lot with voice and utterances. We support a wide range of use cases, but most commonly:
Utterance and dialogue collection
Speech recognition
Text-to-speech and speech-to-text
Sentiment analysis
Intent classification
We support all the standard annotation formats, but even if you’re using your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
“Sophisticated Intent Recognition and Natural Language Understanding are critical for us and having a large corpora of natural language data is the foundation of high-quality semantic and language models."
Dr. Christoph Neumann
CTO at German Autolabs

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We’ve completed standalone & end-to-end machine learning projects for both small and enterprise-size companies across the world.
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We’re 100% GDPR-compliant and the security of your data is ensured when transmitted, stored and processed.
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