Data creation & collection for your AI projects

Achieve machine learning model perfection: Quickly source the training data you need with our 10 million global contributors.
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Get accurate data in the right quality

Multiple data types
We collect speech, text, audio, image, video, gif, even handwriting data. As such, we cover both computer vision and natural language.
All languages
As one of the few data providers in the world, we enable you to access languages from smaller demographics.
Rapid scaling
Once we’re sure we can collect the right data for you, we can engage our global crowd for rapid scaling. All anonymized, of course.
Ethical AI

A capable and
diverse crowd

Our contributors come from all walks of life, all over the world. They have access to PCs, mobile phones, and tablets (including microphones and cameras). The results is a crowd that:
Is suited for many different tasks
Includes otherwise hard-to-reach geographies and languages
Produces diverse, well-represented datasets
They do not do data collection for a living. Instead, a contributor can only opt to take a task when prompted and is rewarded immediately in-app.

We help you find the right data quality

AI and machine learning models require high-quality training data in order to learn. Using an iterative, agile approach, we start by ensuring that we can achieve the quality your model needs and only then do we scale up.

If you’re in need of structured data, we also provide labeling and annotation, making it even faster for you to get to deployement.
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We're all different

Projects tailored to meet
your specific needs

Find yourself with challenges that are unique to your business and perhaps not industry standard? We get that a lot. If needed, we can support your specific data types and annotation formats.

We can also provide data collection services that require access to facilities like hospitals, work sites, offices, or city traffic to name a few - as well as synethic data collection.
“Sophisticated Intent Recognition and Natural Language Understanding are critical for us and having a large corpora of natural language data is the foundation of high-quality semantic and language models."
Dr. Christoph Neumann
CTO at German Autolabs

You'll be in a good company

We’ve completed standalone & end-to-end machine learning projects for both small and enterprise-size companies across the world.
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Need quality training data for your AI projects?
We’re 100% GDPR-compliant and the security of your data is ensured when transmitted, stored and processed.
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Data annotation & labeling - we’ll structure your data
Machine learning model development
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