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Any language
Our diverse crowd covers the entire globe, making us one of the few data labelers that can label in any language.
Natural language
We work with speech, audio, text and handwriting and perform any task related to Natural Language Processing.
Computer vision
We process images and video in any formats. We work with several annotation formats and support all standard output.

100% human-verified
data labeling

Accurate data labeling, or data annotation, is what makes a machine learning model perform. Therefore, all data labeled by our crowd is 100% verified by humans. Furthermore, thanks to our breakthrough technology, we employ five additional people to verify results without added cost to you.

We also provide several levels of algorithmic and heuristic validation to ensure that the delivered data is labeled correctly.

Cut your time spent on data in half

In our experience, upwards of 80% of the time that goes into a machine learning project is spent handling data. By making use of our labelers and technology, you save half of that time and a lot of the headache.

On top of ensuring the quality of your training data, we also work with you to understand the results of your ML models. If need be, we can also help develop or further improve your models.
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Wacom improves their understanding of handwriting using AI

Wacom provides cutting-edge digital ink solutions for their partners who use or produce smartphones, tablets and digital stationery. They needed an AI partner who could use Wacom’s own data model for describing the contents of digital ink.

StageZero collected and labeled complex digital handwriting samples, including notes, drawings and scientific formulas. The resulting datasets are authentic and diverse and help develop the next stages of AI automation in the digital ink space.
“Handwriting is very individual, also in a digital context, and we use it to communicate very diverse information like text, math, doodles, and diagrams. Wacom values StageZero’s dedication to respect data privacy (GDPR), their deep understanding of machine learning, and their agility in exploring new kinds of data labeling challenges.”
Dr. Markus Weber
Senior Ink Technologist

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