Speech recognition and speech-to-text training data​

For companies building automatic speech recognition systems supporting multiple languages across the globe. 

We are the only company that can provide transcribed speech and voice data from 100,000+ unique speakers across virtually any language. 
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Scale your ASR, IVR, and speech-to-text globally

Premade datasets
See our collection of premade datasets for speech recognition and voice assistants.
Scale your offer to every language your users need.  We have training data support for 100+ languages out of the box.
Global scaling
Our global network of over 110 million contributors enables you to get access hundreds of thousand unique speakers for almost any language.
“Partnering with StageZero has been vital in providing us with high-quality utterance corpora for training our proprietary language and semantic models. Delivery speed, variations and naturalness of the utterances provided by StageZero's unique technology are unmatched by more traditional data collection methods.”
Dr. Christoph Neumann
CTO at German Autolabs

How it works

We access our crowd of more than 110 million users of native speakers to collect, transcribe, and annotate voice data in your chosen language.

Every recording is validated and transcribed verbatim or non-verbatim using multiple humans to ensure highest quality.

Recordings are further classified depending on customer demand, such as background noise level, recording equipment, age groups, and we can collect other meta data.
The outcome is that you will get data delivered from up to hundreds of thousands of unique speakers at an unprecedented speed and reasonable price.

Thanks to our technology and massive crowd, our data has the highest variety and variance on the market.

We normally provide transcribed recordings in the range of 2s - 60s long depending on customer needs.

Hear from our customers

Small start-ups to global enterprises choose StageZero time and time again for NLP project services.
Need quality transcriptions? 
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