Speech-to-text data​

Access data from over 10 million people around the globe in natural environments over multiple hardware types for a maximum range of diversity. Multilingual support is our specialty.


Speech-to-text transcription refers to the recognition and conversion of voice – that means spoken words - into text, by computational linguistics.

With this technique, digital devices and applications transcribe real-time audio to display the content in text and execute commands.

Where we help

Of all the projects we work on, speech-to-text is the vastest and is set to grow further still. We provide algorithms for speech transcription, smart note-taking solutions which require transcriptions for recording conversations digitally, accessibility software for people who live with speech impairments, and more. These all require a plethora of data in order to ensure accuracy in their execution, and our data at 10% higher accuracy than the market-leading competitor is what helps us to provide our customers a competitive advantage here.
Voice assistance creation is another field where quality speech-to-text data is crucial. German Autolabs are Berlin-based market leaders in voice assistance solutions for logistics partners. As specialists in their field, they recognized the importance of accurate data for speech recognition.​ Having large corpora of natural language data is the foundation of high-quality semantic and language models but it’s not always easy to source. For this project, we used our unique technology for data collection to provide German Autolabs with training data which is being used to further train German Autolabs’ proprietary AI language and semantic models.
Other fields we work in include customer support automation where efficient algorithms can automate certain functions such as forwarding inquiries to the correct department.
Commercial cases are on the rise, with other companies using such algorithms for analyzing customer support calls in order to enhance the team performance by identifying improvement areas based on conversion rates from different types of conversations. Usually, such cases require speed of delivery of the data. You can count on a 50% faster delivery compared to traditional methods when you use our expertise.
Finally, mapping companies and companies that develop smart vehicles are increasingly on the lookout for accurate and varied voice data. Speech-to-text plays a crucial role in such cases and usually, a high number of utterances is required with multiple accents to ensure perfect understanding when it matters the most.
“Partnering with StageZero has been vital in providing us with high-quality utterance corpora for training our proprietary language and semantic models. Delivery speed, variations and naturalness of the utterances provided by StageZero's unique technology are unmatched by more traditional data collection methods.”
Dr. Christoph Neumann
CTO at German Autolabs

How we help

We can assist you to ensure accuracy and diversity in your speech-to-text data 50% more quickly than typical methods, serving the required age ranges, geographies, languages, sex, and other criteria to meet your specific project needs.
Source your data from our diverse group of over 10 million people around the globe in natural environments over multiple hardware types for a maximum range of diversity. Generate new data relevant to your project requirements or similar to your existing data examples.
Access quick and accurate transcription and annotation for your voice and speech data, gain validation of your current model’s output, correct errors of your existing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system, and ensure 10% higher accuracy than the leading market competitor. Benefit from 3-5 humans verifying each data point at no extra cost.
Serve multiple languages at once and ensure 100% compliance with the world’s strictest security protocol.

Currently we are well-versed in industries including automation, financial and banking, customer support, transcription and dictation, and mapping services. As part of our commitment to consistent improvement of our services, we’re particularly eager to serve this segment and are open to hearing from you if you have a new type of use case for us to consider – so please get in touch and let’s get this show on the road!

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