Transcription: Speech-to-text data​ provider

Build automatic speech recognition systems for languages across the globe thanks to our transcribed data. Our customers benefit from access to over 10 million people around the globe for a maximum range of diversity in the data for their speech-to-text projects.

Scale your ASR, IVR, and speech-to-text 50% faster

Premade datasets
See our collection of premade datasets for speech recognition.
Scale your offer to every language your users need.  We’re one of the few data providers in the world providing access to over 40 different languages. 
Rapid scaling
Our global network of over 10 million contributors ensures unbeatable delivery times even on customized projects specific to your needs. 
“Partnering with StageZero has been vital in providing us with high-quality utterance corpora for training our proprietary language and semantic models. Delivery speed, variations and naturalness of the utterances provided by StageZero's unique technology are unmatched by more traditional data collection methods.”
Dr. Christoph Neumann
CTO at German Autolabs

How it works

Speech recognition is the fastest growing of the fields we worth with, and our partners are eager to stay ahead of the trend. Their customers need solutions that can communicate with users from around the world, and our direct access to a diverse pool of dialects and accents makes us the number one choice for small local companies to global enterprises.
We’ve created a network of over 10 million people around the globe to ensure we can provide you with direct access to specific age ranges, geographies, languages, sex and other criteria to meet your project requirements on average 50% more quickly than our competitors. Our methodology means you can target multiple languages at once and ensure 100% compliance with the world’s strictest security protocols.  

Hear from our customers

Small start-ups to global enterprises choose StageZero time and time again for NLP project services.
Need quality transcriptions? 
Contact us now to discuss your requirements and questions with an expert. Typically we’ll set up a 30-minute call to go over everything together before getting this show on the road! 
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