Text classification​

We have you covered be it writing texts or descriptions, answering questions, filling in information and more. Our data has an average 10% higher accuracy than the market leader.

Text classification​

Text classification or text categorization is the process of creating different categories and organized groups of text, before labeling different text samples following these categories.​

Where we help

The use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows text classifiers to automatically analyze text and allocate a set of pre-determined categories depending on its content.​ The benefits of text classification serve a wide range of projects and industries online and in real life.
Online, it can be used for content moderation on social media or when gaming. The text classification enables algorithms to filter out content such as hate speech or to ensure that only age-appropriate content is displayed. It could for example be used to ensure that gambling content isn’t shown to underaged users. In order to train the algorithms, a large corpus of data is needed, which includes real-life examples of hate speech, keywords and phrases about gambling, or whatever the topic the algorithm will target.
Other uses of text classification are predominantly commercial and revolve around making life easier for the humans involved in different tasks.
Intelligent document processing helps to categorize topics within written documents, which reduces the manual work required when it comes to forwarding content to the correct person or systems. This requires accuracy and reliability in the data used, to ensure accuracy and reliability in the resulting systems and algorithms.

A final example serves services for e-commerce, search, and social media recommendations. Text classification is widely used in determining what types of content fit well together. This helps to ensure that recommendations to users is relevant, and that the user will be more likely to engage with the recommended content. Due to the multiple ranges of use cases in this field, a wide range of different corpora are usually recommended. This also helps the algorithms to distinguish between similar content types (eg that ball gowns don’t usually match with ball games).

How we help

We can assist you to ensure accuracy and relevance of text categorization data 50% more quickly than typical methods.
Source your data from our diverse group of over 10 million people around the globe. Generate new data relevant to your project requirements or similar to your existing data examples. We have you covered be it writing texts or descriptions, answering questions, filling in information…
Gain 10% higher accuracy than the market-leading competitor for your diverse text labeling tasks covering examples such as historical chatbot conversations, content moderation, finance, banking, customer support, and more. Benefit from 3-5 humans verifying each data point at no extra cost.
Serve multiple languages at once and ensure 100% compliance with the world’s strictest security protocol.

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