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Data sourcing
speech from 2.99€/minute
Speech data collection
Scripted or non-scripted speech
Text data collection
Chatbot, sentiment, or free text
Available in 40 languages
Price varies between languages
Data annotation
Transcriptions from 2.99€/Minute
Speech annotation
Transcripts or classification
Text annotations
Sentiment, classification, or NER
Available in 40 languages
Price varies between languages
Customized to your needs
Custom data sourcing
Speech, text, image, or handwriting
Custom annotations
Annotations in your format
Available in 40 languages
Price varies between languages

Always included in projects

Dedicated team made of some of Finland’s most qualified AI experts
Customer support through the whole collaboration
100% human-validated data
Delivered data has an inter-annotator agreement from at least three people
”Wacom values StageZero’s dedication to respect data privacy (GDPR), their deep understanding of machine learning, and their agility in exploring new kind of data labeling challenges.”
Dr. Markus weber
Principal Ink Technologist at Wacom
Wacom improves their understanding of handwriting
Wacom needed an AI partner that could use Wacom’s own data model for describing the contents of digital ink.

Off-the-shelf datasets

Get your project up and running in no time. Check out our library of over 12 types of commonly requested datasets spanning 31 languages.
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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer volume discounts for all of our services depending on the overall size of your purchase. The more data you buy, the cheaper each datapoint gets. We also offer discounts for recurring data requests, and as part of our exclusive customer advocacy programme.

How are you privacy compliant?

We designed our technology to be compliant with the stricted privacy laws from day one. We know the importance of keeping up with everchanging privacy regulations across the world and we enable you to do so. If personal data needs to be transferred, we sign data processing agreements before starting cooperation. We follow an eight step process to assure privacy compliance for use cases we support.

How do you ensure data security and transfer data?

We store data on ISO-27001 certified cloud servers located in the EU. Once a dataset is ready, the easiest way to transfer it is to send it to your cloud provider's storage solution, such as a bucket, or to provide you with password protected download links.

Our company might need a lot of customization - can you accomodate us?

Yes! We’re used to working with our customer’s own proprietary models, formats and frameworks to deliver top-class results. We’d love to discuss this with you further.
Extend your offering to all your markets
Gain competitive advantage by deploying conversational AI in all your markets with StageZero.  Our unique data collection and labelling solution accelerates your deployment by 50%, risk-free.
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