Stagezero provides solutions and services within AI and Machine Learning, from Audio and Text Data Collection and Annotation to Model Training and Deployment.

Our products are audio annotation tools and speech training datasets. Our services include custom audio and text data collection and annotation.

TEXT data
Audio tool

Speech data

Speech Datasets

Off-the-shelf datasets
Sentment and emotion data
Voice assistant data
Speech recognition
Single person or conversational dialogue.

Speech Sourcing

speech from 119€/hour
Speech and voice collection
Conversational or scripted.
Choose the number of voices
Source from thousands of users anywhere.
Available in 100+ languages
Prices vary between languages.

Speech Annotation

Transcription and segmentation from 119€/hour
Speech annotation
Transcription, segmentation, classification, and sentiment.
Available in 100+ languages
Prices vary between languages.

Text data

Text Sourcing

Texts from 0.49€/ text
Text or document collection
Chatbot data, intent data, and free texts
Wide variety of users
Thousands of users in any region
Available in 100+ languages
Prices vary between languages

Text Annotation

Annotations from 0.49€/text
Text annotation
Classifications, sentiment, and NER
Available in 100+ languages
Prices vary between languages


Customized to your needs
Custom data sourcing
We support your data sourcing needs
Custom annotations
Annotations in your format
Available in 100+ languages
Prices vary between languages

Audio Annotation Tool

299€ / MONTH
Audio transcription
Audio segmentation
Audio annotation
Unlimited users
FROM 1249€ / MONTH
All starter features
AI-assisted transcription
AI-assisted segmentation
AI-assisted validation
”StageZero's flexibility and their professional setup in terms of data privacy made it easy for us to comply with our strict corporate policies regarding data privacy and cybersecurity. They understand our specific needs and are proactive in facilitating solutions."
Dr. Markus weber
Principal Ink Technologist at Wacom
Wacom improves their understanding of handwriting
Wacom needed an AI partner that could use Wacom’s own data model for describing the contents of digital ink.

Off-the-shelf datasets

Get your project up and running in no time. Check out our library of over 12 types of commonly requested datasets spanning 31 languages.
Speech and Voice Datasets

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer volume discounts for all our services. The more data you need, the less you pay per datapoint. We also offer discounts for our returning customers as part of our customer advocacy programme.

What languages do you cover?

We provide over 100 languages from around the world. Check out our European languages here as an example, or contact us for more information. Our network of over 110 million native speakers means you’ll have access to even the rarest of languages, allowing you to scale your projects to almost any language.

How are you privacy compliant?

We designed our technology to be compliant with the strictest privacy laws in the world since day one. We understand the importance of keeping up with everchanging privacy regulations across the world and we enable you to do so easily. In projects where personal data needs to be transferred, we sign data processing agreements before starting cooperation in line with the GDPR. We follow a strict eight-step process to ensure privacy compliance.

Find our more detailed information in our Cyber Security Policies and our Cyber Security Framework.

How do you ensure data security and transfer data?

We protect your data at every stage. We store the data on ISO-27001-certified cloud servers which are all located within the EU. Once a dataset is ready, the easiest way to receive it is on your cloud provider's storage solution, such as a bucket, or to download it with password-protected download links that we provide to you.

How can you accommodate such quick delivery times?

Our technology provides access to over 110 million native speakers around the world. With no training required, our network is ready to get to work on your tasks as soon as your project specifications are ready. They also verify each other’s work, making our quality control efficient. This is how you’re able to benefit from increases in turn-around of an average of 50% compared to traditional methods.
Extend your offering to all your markets
Gain competitive advantage by deploying conversational AI in all your markets with StageZero.  Our unique data collection and labelling solution accelerates your deployment by 50%, risk-free.
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