We know you’d like an idea of the price as soon as possible. Here we to try to be as transparent as we can, but so much of pricing depends on your specific needs.

That’s also why we always start by talking about those.
One-time fees or per unit pricing depending on service
Proof of value
One-time starter fee
Data sourcing
Per unit
Annotation & labeling
Per annotation
Algorithm development
One-time fee
What you always get
Free in any project
Dedicated team
Unlimited customer support
Algorithmic & heuristic data validation
Military-grade data encryption
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You can always get in touch. We’re also happy to help with estimates for your budgeting.
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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer volume discounts for data sourcing, data annotation, and sometimes model deployment and maintenance. Discounts depend on your needs, the complexity of the project and a heap of other factors. We typically also offer discounts to customers who run multiple projects with us as well as universities (we were once students ourselves so we know your hunger for great data).

Are you really GDPR-compliant?

We are and we have been from day one. As data providers, we know the importance of keeping up with everchanging privacy regulations across the world and we enable you to do so. Get in touch for more details.

Is our data secure?

As secure as can be. Your stored data is encrypted at rest using military-grade encryption (256-bit AES), and is FIPS 140-2 compliant. This also goes for object meta data and archived data.
Transmitted data is encrypted using SSL (also 256-bit). We also maintain strict company and cybersecurity procedures - get in touch for more informaition.

Finally, we ensure that we never send any sensitive data to the crowd by utilizing automated anonymization when necessary.

Our company might need a lot of customization - can you accomodate us?

Most likely! Please do get in touch and we’ll have a talk about it. We certainly don’t always deliver standard solutions and we sometimes even work with our customers’ own propretary models, formats and frameworks.
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