What we do

Our mission is to accelerate the AI revolution by making training data more affordable and available to companies everywhere.

How we work

We recommend collaboration using an agile iterative approach because our experience confirms it to reduce cost and time in the most efficient way. A shared understanding of your project requirements is key for us to source the best quality data for you, implement the most successful deployment and ultimately the most performant model. Our customers cite our flexibility and expertise as central to their decision to return to us time and time again.

Meet team StageZero

We’re a friendly mix of some of Finland’s most experienced and highly qualified experts in our fields. We love our Head Quarters in the AI start-up capital of the world, Helsinki Finland, but we also enjoy working from wherever we call home at the time. We have a mix of four nationalities with decades of international experience meaning we’re all able to contribute to our collective successes with you.

Freedom and flexibility mean we’re trusted as experts to make the right decisions for improvement to our company, ourselves, and our work. Our core values are transparency, inclusivity, and ethics. We work on these values daily and enjoy our low-hierarchy and approachable culture.
Thomas Forss CEO

Dr. Thomas Forss
Co-founder & CEO

Nicklas Forss
Co-founder & CTO

Janne Pasanen
Lead Designer

Lesley Kiernan
Business Development Director

Sophie Nguyen
Marketing Specialist

Toni Könnilä
Senior Software Developer

Jyrki Haavisto
Senior Software Developer

Our story

When we founded StageZero in 2016, we brought our roots from the gaming industry. We were dissatisfied with the lack of diversity in games and we wanted to create something better – but we realized pretty quickly that the data needed to do that just didn’t exist. 
So that got us thinking… and we decided to build the platform ourselves, to enable us to create the exact data we needed. Today we offer our customers the opportunity to harness the power of our platform too.
Investors quickly expressed interest and we raised a pre-seed round of $330 000 from business angels and Nordic Game Ventures. This allowed us to enhance our capabilities and expand our business on an international level.
The realization hit that the platform could be used to collect and label data for a far wider range of problems than just games. So the Forss brothers decided to evolve into the world of Machine Learning to provide data services.
The Forss brothers, Machine Learning and computer science graduates from the Universities in Finland, founded StageZero to create different genres of gaming apps. Realising that the data required to make such games simply didn’t exist, they came up with a new platform for creating the data.
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