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Founded in 2016 in Helsinki, Finland with roots in the video games industry. We wanted to use AI to build better games, but quickly realized that the data to do that just didn’t exist, so we built a platform that enabled our users to create that training data for us. Today we can offer the power of that platform to our customers.


Our mission is to accelerate the AI revolution by making training data more affordable and more available to companies everywhere.

We minimize time you need to spend on data in AI projects. Typically, 80% of time in AI projects goes to different data activities.


Our unique technology allows a 100x user scale and a quick turnaround, and can deliver high-quality results thanks to multiple levels of human and machine validation.

Our service is built around the refining of data to be 100% compliant with GDPR and all similar privacy regulations.​
“Privacy and ethical AI are cornerstones in our business.”
Dr. Thomas Forss, Co-Founder and CEO

Solve your real-world problems with AI

You choose quality and security levels, we ensure a quick turnaround helped by our crowd of millions of data collectors and annotators across the globe.
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