What we do

Our mission is to accelerate the AI revolution by making training data more affordable and available to companies everywhere.

How we work

We almost always recommend collaborating using an agile iterative approach. In our experience, it greatly reduces cost and time spent on your AI projects. We also fundamentally believe in being very cognizant of your endstage needs. Us understanding them early on is ultimately what leads to the right quality training data, a succesful deployment and a performant model.

Us understanding them early on is ultimately what leads to the right quality training data, a succesful deployment and a performant model.

Who we are

We’re a diverse team with backgrounds from around the world, sometimes working from our offices in Helsinki, Finland, or from wherever home is at the time.

We believe our experts know best when it comes to their respective domains. Because of this, we have chosen to empower our people to make decisions in areas where their expertise lies. In practice, this means that we follow a self-organized governance model inspired by Holocracy. This is also reflected in our values of being open and inclusive.

Dr. Thomas Forss
Co-founder & CEO

Nicklas Forss
Co-founder & CTO

Jussi Iinatti
Chief Innovation Officer

Janne Pasanen
Lead Designer

Lesley Kiernan
Business Development Director

Nikolai Zenovkin
Lead Data Scientist

Sophie Nguyen
Marketing Specialist

Toni Könnilä
Senior Software Developer

Jyrki Haavisto
Senior Software Developer

Our story

When we founded StageZero in 2016 in Helsinki, Finland we had roots in the video game industry. We wanted to use AI to build better games, but quickly realized that the data to do that just didn’t exist.
So we built a platform that enabled our users to create that training data for us. Today we offer the power of that platform to our customers. Here’s our journey.
StageZero raises $1.8 million in a funding round led by Konvey Ventures. See our post on it! 

The funding allows us to further expand our team and continue work on improving product efficiencies and innovation in AI.
2020 was the year when we started talking to investors about our tech and we were fortunate to raise a pre-seed round of $330,000 from business angels and Nordic Game Ventures.

It allowed us to expand our capabilities and expand our business outside the Nordics.
Realizing that our data collection and labeling technology could be used to solve a much wider range of problems, we decided to pivot fully into the world of machine learning as a data provider and consultancy.
The brothers Forss, machine learning graduates from the University of Helsinki, found StageZero, originally a company focused on AI in the gaming industry.
We help you solve real-world problems with AI
Get in touch and we’ll assign a team to understand your needs. It all begins with a quick call or meeting.
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