Sentiment Analysis
and Emotion AI​

For companies building sentiment or emotion AI solutions. Use our services to extend your opinion mining and emotion AI capacity to all your markets regardless of language.

Gain competitive advantage by training models with data that has the highest variety and least bias on the market.
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Scale your emotion AI

Use cases
Supported use cases include analytics platforms, e-commerce, customer support, and call centers.
Scale your offer to every language your users need.  We have sentiment and emotion training data support for 100+ languages out of the box.
Rapid scaling
Our global network of over 110 million contributors enables you to get access to hundreds of thousand unique people for almost any language.

How it works

You provide us with the domain and the emotions that you are looking for, we then activate our 110 million contributors to collect annotate the data and provide you with data from real people. It's that simple!

Every data point is validated and annotated using multiple humans to ensure highest quality.

Data can be further classified depending on customer needs. We can collect almost any meta data needed.
If you have data available in one language and want to extend to other languages, you can share with us an overview of the data, such as as list of examples, and we will get you similar data for other languages.

The outcome is that you will get data delivered from up to hundreds of thousand of unique people at unprecedented speed and reasonable price.

Gain competitive advantage by using our technology, as we deliver data with the highest variety and least bias on the market.

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