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Read on to discover our customers’ opinions on how we accelerated their ML projects by cutting their data processing times in half.
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German Autolabs
expands their proprietary
language AI

German Autolabs is a Berlin-based company that builds voice assistance solutions for professional drivers, couriers, and delivery teams. Deployed as apps, in scanners or in vehicles, German Autolabs’ assistants increase the efficiency and quality of service in the automotive industry.

For this project, we used our unique technology for data collection to provide German Autolabs with speech recognition training data. The data was and is being used to further train German Autolabs’ proprietary AI language and semantic models.
Collection of naturally uttered language.
Semi-structured, multi-language speech data.
German Autolabs gained further understanding of spoken language in multiple countries and dialects.
“Sophisticated Intent Recognition and Natural Language Understanding are critical for us and having a large corpora of natural language data is the foundation of high-quality semantic and language models.

Partnering with StageZero has been vital in providing us with high-quality utterance corpora for training our proprietary language and semantic models. Delivery speed, variations and naturalness of the utterances provided by StageZero's unique technology are unmatched by more traditional data collection methods.”
Dr. Christoph Neumann
CTO at German Autolabs

World’s first end-to-end
autonomous vehicle
operating system

Basemark offers next-generation development software for autonomous and connected vehicles. The developer of Rocksolid - middleware for graphics and compute application development that’s optimized for mission critical applications such as autonomous driving - Basemark has also launched the world’s first autonomous vehicle end-to-end operating system, Rocksolid Core.

For this project, we provided Basemark with a substantial volume of self-driving training data that is used for multiple tasks including vehicle and lane recognition and person detection.
Autonomous vehicle data labeling with focus on lane recognition.
Traffic image and video data.
Our high accuracy object recognition allows Basemark to maintain the highest levels of road safety, one of the most critical criteria in the autonomous vehicle industry currently.
“As a leading provider of tools for those developing next-generation autonomous and connected vehicles, Basemark is specialized in solving complex autonomous drive challenges.

Computer vision data and model validations for software-defined vehicle applications are extremely important for companies like ours, and we are delighted and indeed very satisfied to partner with StageZero Technologies. Their proprietary algorithms help us ensure that object recognition stays accurate and no slippage or concept drift creeps into AI over time. This is critical, and we’re proud to partner with StageZero whose aspiration is to maintain the highest levels of safety.”
Sami Niska
COO at Basemark

Wacom improves their
understanding of
handwriting using AI

Wacom provides cutting-edge digital ink solutions for a wide range of partners who use or produce smartphones, tablets and digital stationery. They needed an AI partner who could use Wacom’s own data model for describing the contents of digital ink.

StageZero collected and labeled complex digital handwriting samples, including notes, drawings and scientific formulas. The resulting datasets are authentic and diverse and help develop the next stages of AI automation in the digital ink space.
Collection and labeling of authentic handwriting using Wacom’s Universal Ink Model, which is their own model that describes the content of ink.
Diverse handwriting.
Fully labeled authentic data that helps Wacom improve their AI algorithms for semantic content recognition.
“Handwriting is very individual, also in a digital context, and we use it to communicate very diverse information like texts, math, doodles, and diagrams. Deep learning technologies will become the key to improve user experience with digital ink.

To satisfy deep learning’s hunger for data, StageZero is our partner for the creation and labeling of training data for our machine learning solutions. Wacom values StageZero’s dedication to respect data privacy (GDPR), their deep understanding of machine learning, and their agility in exploring new kind of data labeling challenges.”
Dr. Markus Weber
Principal Ink Technologist at Wacom
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