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We help you deploy world-class AI automation solutions with the power of machine learning and a global crowd.
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Our services span the entire AI lifecycle

Data sourcing
We create and collect data for you with the help of our crowd of millions of data collectors around the globe. In any language.
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Data annotation
Our 100% human verified annotation services turns your unstructured data into quality training data.
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ML model development
We offer standalone ML model development from scratch by some of the world’s leading machine learning scientists.
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machine learning projects
From initial feasibility studies through data collection to ML model deployment and maintenance, we’re here to help.
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Get training data right

Using our unique crowdsourcing technology and our diverse crowd of more than 10 million users, we’re able to provide 5x human-verified data within both natural language and computer vision.

We work with partners to meet complex data needs from varying demographics, geographies, and can use our labelers for collecting and annotating both real and synthetic data.

Finally, we provide solutions for anonymizing your data to comply with privacy regulation.
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We love natural language processing

Whether you need classification, sentiment analysis, speech recognition or a myriad of other use-cases, we’re your NLP specialists. We solve any NLP problem, and you can get data
from real humans in any language,
in speech (audio), text, handwriting and even digital ink,
from small & medium sized demographics and small countries.
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You’ll be in good company

We’ve completed standalone & end-to-end machine learning projects for both small and enterprise-size companies across the world.
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Wacom improves their understanding of handwriting
Wacom needed an AI partner that could use Wacom’s own data model for describing the contents of digital ink.
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GDPR-compliance & safeguarding your data are our top priorities

“We know privacy and security are among the primary concerns of our customers. That’s why we’ve been GDPR-compliant from day one and provide data anonymization to ensure the privacy of your employees and customers. We also have strict security practices in place and employ military-grade data encryption.”
Dr. Thomas Forss
CEO & co-founder

We cut your time spent on data in half

Global data sourcing
Access hard-to-reach audiences for data collection and labeling around the world in any language.
Low upfront costs
We prefer an iterative approach that decreases your upfront costs and reduces risk. We can also provide proof of value before you commit.
Rapid scaling
Once we’ve agreed on data quality, get to deployment much faster by instantly engaging our contributors from around the globe.
Solve your real world problems with AI
When you’re ready, get in touch and we’ll assign a team to understand your needs. It all begins with a quick call or meeting.
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End-to-end machine learning capabilities
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