Nov 13

Explore the world of StageZero's MicroTasks – Part 1

Did you know that 50% of global AI demand is in languages other than English?  

With 5 years of experience developing conversational AI data technologies, StageZero Technologies has expertise in collecting, validating, and annotating conversational AI data for over 25 languages. Our technologies can give your company and your projects a training data advantage over competitors. 

Currently, StageZero supports these types of data and use cases: 

  • Text and speech data collection and annotation 
  • Speech recognition and speaker recognition data 
  • Emotion and sentiment analysis data 
  • LLM (large language model) model testing and output validation 

Our competitors struggle to collect training data for small and medium-sized languages. Using our technologies, we can collect, annotate, and validate conversational AI training data in any language and dialect so that our consumers can scale to new languages and markets. 

How do we do this? In this article, we’ll introduce you to MicroTasks – StageZero’s unique technology that enables 110 million app users across the globe covering 100+ languages to collect and validate conversational AI training data.​ And we’re on path to growing this to 300 million users! 

Common industry problems 

Wider deployment of AI has been hampered by the lack of easily accessible training datasets in the different target audience languages. With limited availability of training datasets for languages other than English, developers only have access to expensive datasets - or as in most cases, unusable, unstructured datasets that do not comply with privacy and data protection regulations.  

Without structured and regulatory compliant training datasets, over 80% of the development time in AI projects is spent on data collection, annotation, cleaning, augmentation activities, while only 3% is spent on developing AI algorithms. Using non-compliant data can result in a €20 million fine for a firm operating within the European Union. This leads to higher expenses and extended development cycles compared to other software projects, hindering the deployment of native language AI and machine learning solutions especially in the non-English speaking regions. 

Another criticality is that data quality must be high to prevent bias and drift. Accuracy in Natural Language Processing data is notoriously low which makes it less usable. 

Furthermore, current solutions in AI data companies largely involve growing a massive headcount to solve the mechanical task of labeling data.  

Focusing on ethical values, StageZero Technologies is the pioneer of the world with the unique approach of delivering high-quality AI training data by integrating with mobile apps: Mobile app users earn perks and rewards in their favorite apps in exchange for helping us create AI training data. Effectively we are an alternative to advertisements in apps (with better payout than ads to developers).  

Quick facts 

  • Our platform is built on Microsoft Azure.​ 
  • Programming languages used: .NET (C#), JavaScript, and Python. 
  • Fully privacy compliant. 

Get to know StageZero’s MicroTasks 

Our technology uses a unique approach to gamify the data processing tasks, motivating a diverse crowd to work at next-to-no cost. This approach uses a platform called MicroTasks. With MicroTasks, StageZero helps businesses with the creation and collection of AI data from real humans. For this purpose, we have 110 million integrated users available across the globe. 

MicroTasks is an alternative to in-game ads with short 5–15 second tasks performed by gamers. 

The technology integrates with either iOS, Android, or HTML5 Apps and interacts with the app-users. Users in integrated apps are given the choice to perform our data tasks as a way of paying for content (alternative to advertisements), where instead of showing advertisements to users, we ask them to solve AI data tasks. The app-users can then get an upgrade to - for example - in-game credits or an in-game item, as rewards for the data creation and labelling tasks they complete. Examples of the tasks include reading a sentence out loud in their native language or listening to spoken audio and validating that it’s correct.  

Our data inventory comes from companies developing speech recognition services or other conversational AI services. 

The developers who integrate their applications with our technology get to increase their income by up to 10 times compared to what they get from showing ads in their apps.  

MicroTasks step-by-step 

The process starts when a customer’s data need is identified, and the customer contracts us to create or annotate data.  

We then ensure data is GDPR-compliant, where what needs to be taken into account varies depending on case and type of data (for example data may need to be pseudonymized if it is of personal or biometric nature).  

After that, we send the initial data through our technology to users in integrated apps for creation, labelling, or validation.  

Once the users complete our AI data tasks, we use task chaining to validate the quality and reject and redo data that fails our automatic validations.  

Finally, the results are aggregated, and data is returned to the customer in the format they requested. 


Our MicroTasks technology reaches over 110 million native speakers globally and can be used to collectand annotate multiple languages and dialects. Stay times for the next instalment of our blog series to learn more or contact us at 

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