StageZero Audio Annotation Tool

Generate perfect quality audio or speech recognition training data quickly.

The StageZero Audio Annotation Tool speeds up data delivery and reduce segmentation and transcription costs by up to 66%.

The platform combines AI-assisted segmentation and transcription to speed up your annotation process and improve project accuracy.

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“The tool more than pays for itself. The AI-assisted features in combination with automating naming, storing, and processing saves our annotators four hours of work for each audio recording hour.”
Nicklas Forss

Web-based TSP tool means no set-up required

Forget complicated cloud set-ups. The StageZero Audio Annotation tool is web-based and ready to complete projects in 4 easy steps.

You create a project and upload the audio files that are stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
Our AI creates the initial segmentations and/or transcripts.
Your team adjusts them as necessary.
The finished output is made available in JSON and CSV format for download or direct delivery.
Intuitive user interface means you can start using it immediately

No demo required, easy to use - but our team is always available if you have questions.

StageZero audio annotation tool
The AI-assisted segmentation and transcription in brief

The StageZero Audio Annotation tool combines two AI-assisted segmentation and transcription features in one tool to speed up your project delivery time by up to 66%.

AI-assisted Segmentation
AI-assisted Transcription

AI-assisted segmentation
Benefit from integrated AI-assistance for your segmentations. The StageZero Audio Annotation tool preprocesses your audio recordings and segments them automatically by speaker and non-human sounds. Maintain full control: with one mouse click your annotators can modify the type of segments and move the start and end points of the segment if needed.

The tool supports overlapping segments and your annotators can click on segments to choose to replay specific sections, or to jump to a specific segment. Our users tell us this helps them save up to three hours of time per recorded audio.

AI-assisted Transcription
Transcribe with or without segmentation. Our AI-assisted transcription tool will suggest transcriptions for your audio automatically, for your annotators to accept or correct. This tool is available for all major languages as well as most smaller languages. In specific use cases, you can provide a list of industry terminology for our AI to recognize.

 When used with segmentation, the transcription reduces the total work time of your team by up to 66%.

What you get

AI-assisted segmentation
When using AI-assisted segmentation, our AI preprocesses the audio recordings and segments them by speaker and non-human sounds. The premade segements are then loaded into the audio annotation tool so that your annotators easily can modify type of segments and move the start and end points of the segment if needed.

Overlapping segments are supported to provide maximum flexibility for your use case. Furthermore, you can click on the segments and choose to play only a specific part of the audio file or to jump to a specific segment.

Using our AI-assisted segmentation can reduce the segmentation work needed by your annotators by up to three hours per recorded audio.

AI-assisted Transcription
Our transcription tool suggests the initial transcriptions for your audio. The recordings can be transcript with or without segmentation. Then, your annotators listen to the recording and corrects the transcripts instead of writing down them in their entirety. AI-assisted transcriptions are available for all major languages and most smaller languages. Additionally, you can provide a list of industry terms for the machine transcription to use in case the language use is specific for your use case.

Together with segmentation, the machine transcription reduces the total work time of annotating audio recordings by up to 66%.

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