Ukrainian Speech Dataset For Speech and Voice Recognition Models

We provide Ukrainian Speech Dataset for training and testing Ukrainian speech/voice recognition algorithms and ASR models. Our transcribed NLP Dataset is perfect for speech-to-text and ASR models for Ukrainian language.

We have multiple datasets that you can choose from: transcribed spontaneous speech data with one or two people speaking or scripted monologues.


German Autolabs

Ukrainian Voice Dataset

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Ukrainian NLP Datasets

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Ukrainian Language Speech Recognition Models

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Ukrainian Language Speech to Text Dataset

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Datasets for your speech recognition solution in Ukrainian

Improve your Ukrainian automatic speech recognition models or deploy new models in days using our speech and voice recognition dataset. The Ukrainian datasets you can choose from are scripted and non scripted recordings with one or two people speaking. Tell us what data you need and we will include only the data that fits your use case and needs, whether that is specific background noise levels, speakers from certain regions, speakers of specific age groups, gender, or nativitiy.

We can provide you with thousands of hours of speech recorded by tens of thousands unique speakers. With our high-quality training datasets, you can gain competitive advantage over your competitors, reduce time to market, and improve word error rate of your models.


Our speech recognition datasets in Ukrainian consists of native and non-native speakers from the following regions:
Ukrainian language: native and non-native UA.

Speech recognition data specifications

The Ukrainian The datasets contain transcribed and segmented audio clips of people talking about various topics or reading sentences, with up to two hours of speech per person. The speech is captured using mobile phones and laptops from a diverse crowd of speakers representing all ages and backgrounds. Because of that, the dataset is perfect for ASR and voice assistant use cases using mobile devices.

Recordings vary in length depending on type of recording. Scripted speech recordings are up to 30 seconds while two people conversations are of up to one hour long. The recordings are transcribed and segmented by speaker, noise, music, and overlapping speech.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is also known as speech-to-text and voice recognition.

What use cases is the data for?

The speech recognition datasets are perfect for:
- Building a speech recognition AI.
- Building a speaker recognition AI.
- Speech recognition solutions for call centers.

Dataset license

Our data licenses agreement covers commercial use, and the datasets can be reused for multiple cases. However, they are not for reselling.


Speech recognition sample collected through our service.

How is data relevant to speech recognition?

Read more about speech recognition here.

Quality guarantee

We are confident in our data, and all customers can review a sample batch of data before buying. Additionally, we offer a quality guarantee. If you wish to review more samples before buy, state so when filling in the order form.

Ukrainian speech data starting from

218€ / hour
Order now



16 – 44 kHz
Classified by noise level
Depends on case, up to 1 hour long.
Verbatim and/or read from sentences


16 – 85 years
Female 40%, Male 60%
Grouped by native and non-native Ukrainian speakers
Grouped by country of origin and region within the country
“Partnering with StageZero has been vital in providing us with high-quality utterance corpora for training our proprietary language and semantic models.”
Dr. Christoph Neumann
CTO at German Autolabs

Custom training data collection for speech and NLP.

Didn’t find the speech dataset you need or your industry in our marketplace? Get in touch with us, so we can use our global network to source the training or testing data that fits your needs.
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