StageZero call center analytics: reduce cost using AI

For companies that want to automate actions from calls and speech recordings or use call center analytics to make better decisions.

Use our call center analytics to understand recordings and calls in 100+ languages, and automate a variety of actions to take when an intent or a behaviour is detected.

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Call center analytics capabilities

Call center analytics
Use our contact center speech analytics to identify intent, emotion, and extract other analytics data such as transcripts and key words. When an action is identified, the AI can automatically perform actions.
Real-time solution
Easily use our AI to process all of all your recordings or calls in real time or in batches. This can be used to automate actions such as forwarding calls to the correct recipient or other contact center use cases.

Multilingual solution
With our solution you can automatically process calls and recordings in 100+ different languages. The solution can be integrated to any IVR or line carrier system.

How the call center analytics works

How can the call center analytics be used?

The StageZero speech analytics is build around an API that can be accessed using any programming language. The analytics can be setup as part of an IVR and can process live calls in real-time.

When a person calls, the AI listens to the calls an makes decisions based on what the person says.

What data can be ingested?

Our analytics can be setup to process live calls or through an API to which you can send your voice clips either as streams, files, or URLs.

The data in live call can be one or multiple channels.

How does the API work?

The API can be called either once for each recording or sent as batches of recordings. The result is returned as soon as the algorithms are done processing the request.

Our algorithms process the clips and returns a JSON formatted response with the information that was identified and suggested actions to take.

Can you help with integrating it to our solution?

If you need help setting it up the call center analytics with your system, we can do the integration for you. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

What are the call center analytics capabilities?


Intent recognition and categorization

We provide a set of existing intents that you can choose to monitor for or if our existing intent do not cover your use case, we can add custom intents. To understand which one is appropriate, we need to schedule a call to understand your use case and the intents.

When an intent is recognized, it will be returned so that you can automate the action to take.

Speech emotion and sentiment

Identifying whether a person is feeling anger, surprise, disgust, enjoyment, fear, or sadness can help you take preventive actions and for example reduce customer churn. We offer emotion recognition as a popular feature of our speech API.

Behaviour analytics

It may be useful to create automated actions based on identifying unwanted behavious such as swearing, profanities, or shouting. This feature is available as an add-on.

Speech to text

When an intent or action to be taken has been identified, it is often useful to have the transcript available in case it needs to be reviewed by a human or analyzed later.

This feature is available as an add-on, and we can provide transcripts of recordings and calls in 100+ languages.

Other contact center analytics

In our call center analytics suite, you can also get access to information such as: key word identification and background noise level.

What's the pricing model?

To run the call center analytics AI, there is a monthly charge. If you need help with system integration, that is a separate charge.

from 199€ / month
Up to 100 hours monthly
Setup fee 3000€ if you'd like custom intents.
Up to 10 custom intents. 
Support for one language included, additional languages on request.
from 399€ / month
Up to 200 hours monthly
Setup fee 3000€ if you'd like custom intents.
Up to 20 custom intents.
Emotion recognition.
Support for one language included, additional languages on request.
Price depends on features
Unlimited intents.
Emotion recognition.
Behaviour identification.
Noise level identification.
Unlimited support for all languages.
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