Optical Character Recognition

Source or generate diverse data from invoices, handwriting, signatures, and other difficult-to-source materials 50% more quickly than traditional methods.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that converts images of printed, typed or handwritten text into machine-encoded and machine-readable text format.

A basic process of OCR includes inspecting the text and translating the characters into mechanical code that is used for data processing. OCR is sometimes also referred to as “text recognition”.​

Where we help

Optical character recognition serves multiple industries and situations requiring automating the reading of documents and handwriting. 
The most current use of OCR is the digitalization of documents. Governments use OCR to digitize paper documents to make them easier to process and refer to (such as tax papers, applications, official certificates, etc). This typically requires accuracy and diversity in the data especially with regard to specific lexicon to ensure relevance.
An upcoming trend we see refers to reading and processing invoices. This type of use case touches the individual and allows them for instance to take a photograph of an invoice and then allow OCR technology to process it automatically. Again this requires a high level of accuracy and diversity to ensure precision when it comes to running such automations.

How we help

We can assist you to ensure accuracy and diversity in your OCR data 50% more quickly than typical methods.
Source your data from our diverse group of over 10 million people around the globe. Generate new data relevant to your project requirements or similar to your existing data examples, including invoices, handwriting, signatures, and other difficult-to-source materials.
Gain 10% higher accuracy than the market leading competitor for your diverse OCR labeling tasks. Access fast and accurate labeling for your existing OCR datasets, such as images and invoices to be digitized, handwriting recognition, and other such cases. Benefit from 3-5 humans verifying each data point at no extra cost. Serve multiple languages at once and ensure 100% compliance with the world’s strictest security protocol.

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