Optical Character Recognition data

Converting images, documents, or handwritten text into digital format is what OCR is all about.

Use our service to source or annotate data from invoices, handwriting, signatures, and cases 50% more quickly than traditional methods.

Our OCR support

Multiple data types
Within NLP, we support OCR cases using print and digital text as well as handwriting and digital ink. 
We enable you to access people across the world speaking 40 different languages. Our users can collect and annotate your data.
Rapid scaling
Once we understand your project, we can rapidly scale up our services to hundreds of millions of data points.

Use cases for OCR

We work with following use cases in optical character recognition: digitalization of documents, reading and processing invoices, digitalizing and classifying handwriting and digital ink using pens and styluses.

How we help

We can assist you to ensure accuracy and diversity in your OCR data 50% more quickly than competitors.

Source your data from our diverse group of over 10 million people around the globe. Get more data relevant to your project requirements or annotate existing data, including invoices, handwriting, signatures, and other difficult-to-source materials.
In addition, we can validate your current model’s output, correct errors of your existing sentiment and emotion data, while ensuring 10% higher accuracy than the leading market competitor.

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