Data for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Our customers typically save 50% time-to-market when using our service to source or annotate data from invoices, handwriting, signatures, and more.

StageZero OCR

Multiple data types
Within NLP, we support OCR cases using print and digital ink. 
Scale your offer to every language your users need.  We’re one of the few data providers in the world providing access to over 40 different languages. 
Rapid scaling
Our global network of over 10 million contributors ensures unbeatable delivery times even on customized projects specific to your needs.

How it works

Our customers benefit from 50% time-to-market for their projects using our services compared to competitors. We’ve created a network of over 10 million people working around the globe to bring you more relevant data for your project requirements, or to annotate your existing data in invoices, handwriting, signatures, and other difficult-to-source materials.
Let us validate your current model’s output, and correct the errors for you while ensuring you benefit from 10% higher accuracy compared to the leading market competitor.

Hear from our customers

Small start-ups to global enterprises choose StageZero time and time again for NLP project services.
Need quality OCR data or labeling?
Contact us now to discuss your requirements and questions with an expert. Typically we’ll set up a 30-minute call to go over everything together before getting this show on the road! 
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