End-to-end AI projects: From data sourcing to model maintenance

In projects tailored to your business, we take you from problem identified to problem solved within NLP and computer vision.
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Our services span the entire AI lifecycle

1. Proof of Value
We work with you to provide proof of value from using our services before you commit.
2. Data sourcing
Make use of our unique technology and our global crowd to source the data you need.
3. Data annotation
Label data with the help of our global crowd. Get accurate data with 100% human verification.
4. Algorithm dev
From simple models to complex deep learning algorithms, we help develop the right solution.

Data sourcing and labeling in any language

Don’t have the data you need or need labeling? No problem! Get both diverse and accurate data with our global crowd of more than 10 million contributors.

Thanks to our breakthrough technology, we employ human verification up to five times, ensuring the quality you need for a performant model.
More on data collection

ML model development and maintenance

Complex models can be costly to train and maintain. We develop cost-efficient algorithms, train them with no added cost to you, and advise on the best deployment solutions.

We also maintain your existing models, keep track of their performance and prevent them drifting. We supply both new data and human-in-the-loop.
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Keep your data private and secure

GDPR-compliant from day one, we enable you to live up to changing regulatory privacy standards of the most stringent types.

We never send anything sensitive to our crowd, and we employ anonymization where necessary.

Security wise, your data is encrypted when stored and in transit using military-grade 256-bit AES and SSL encryption that are FIPS 140-2 compliant.
“Computer vision data and model validations for software-defined vehicle applications are extremely important for companies like ours, and we are delighted and indeed very satisfied to partner with StageZero. Their proprietary algorithms help us ensure that object recognition stays accurate and no slippage or concept drift is creeping into AI over time.”
Sami Niska
COO at Basemark

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Small start-ups to global enterprises choose StageZero time and time again for NLP project services.
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