AI algorithm and model development

Get help solving any problem within NLP and computer vision. We develop and train machine learning models and make sure they’re deployed optimally.
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Machine learning models designed by experts

Iterative development
We prefer an iterative approach to keep your costs down. We often develop prototypes before you commit.
Reduced risk & cost
Our iterative approach ensures a lower upfront investment and reduces risk - we don’t go ahead with full development until everyone is happy.
Deploy anywhere
We have experience deploying to a wide variety of platforms on-premise, in the cloud and on the edge.

Algorithm development

We offer standalone algorithm development from scratch as well as benchmarking and improvement of your existing models.

The models we develop are generally containerized and can run on any platform with sufficient capabilities.

Our engineers help you pick the correct model for the job, whether it’s a deep leaning model, a simpler, more energy efficient model, or a model that can to be deployed to relevant edge devices.

Machine learning model training

Different models take up different resources when trained. Depending on the model, it might also need to be retrained. Complex deep learning models can become costly, so we make sure everything is carefully considered and tested so as not to waste resources.

In short, we keep track of versioning, changes and model performance, enabling you to balance short and long term costs with performance.

You don’t pay extra for training; we simply pass on the computational cost to you.

Deploy with confidence

Where models are deployed affects the algorithms that can be used successfully. Deployment location impacts performance, energy consumption, and ultimately the price of your AI project.

We work with you to find the most efficient solution your specific case. We have experience deploying to a variety of platforms:
Cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform
Edge platforms such as camera solutions
“Computer vision data and model validations for software-defined vehicle applications are extremely important for companies like ours, and we are delighted and indeed very satisfied to partner with StageZero. Their proprietary algorithms help us ensure that object recognition stays accurate and no slippage or concept drift is creeping into AI over time.”
Sami Niska
COO at Basemark

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