Automate processing documents with StageZero's Document AI

For people and companies that put a lot of time into processing and reading documents and want to use AI to save time.

Use our Document AI to automatically process documents, extract information, make summaries, or generate answers from PDFs, images, word docs, texts docs, or handwritten texts.

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What are the Document AI's capabilities?

Looking for an AI for summaries or answers?

The Document AI is able to summarize long texts, rewrite texts in different ways, add supplementing information, and translate to other languages.

Example use cases are: Processing applications, summarizing notes, translating or re-writing proposals.

Have needs for extracting information?

The Document AI can count and extract numbers, it can search for names and keywords, highlight text, or extract numbers from fields and output the information you need.

Example use cases are: processing CVs, bills of materials, or contracts.

Looking to digitize or read documents?

The Document AI can read images or pdfs of handwritten text and output it digitally and extract information that you are looking for.

Example uses cases are: processing invoices, processing handwritten documents.

How does the document AI work?

Does the Document AI need set up?

Most use cases related to processing or reading documents are unique, this means that there is always some set up needed to tell the AI what you are looking for. Our team will help you with that.

Where does it run?

The StageZero Document AI runs in the cloud, we have servers in Europe, the US, and Asia. You access the Document AI through a web page or through an API depending on your needs.

What does it cost?

There is a monthly cost to running the Document AI. Due to the investment we make in the set up, you sign up for a one-year period. You can see the pricing further down on the page.

How are files sent and results returned?

When using the web version, the files are uploaded through a website and the results sent by email.

When using the API, the files are sent as stream and results returned as JSON or email.

Will it require any work from you?

To configure the Document AI, you will need to tell us what type of documents will be run and what the goal of the processing is. For example, are you looking for summaries, extracting information, or searching for things in the documents?

What's the pricing model?

To run the AI system, there is a monthly charge. If you need help with system integration or setup, that becomes a separate fee.

99€ / month
up to 40 documents per month
Process documents through a website interface.
One use case.
Support for one language included, additional languages on request.
299€ / month
Up to 100 documents per month
Process documents through a website interface or API.
Up to two use cases.
Support for one language included, additional languages on request.
Price depends on features
Processed through a website interface, API, or integrated into your workflow.
Any number of use cases.
Unlimited support for all languages.
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