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StageZero Technologies’s continued collaboration with Wacom: “StageZero’s flexibility and data privacy set-up comply with strict corporate policies.” 

One of StageZero’s longest-running partnerships is a collaboration with Wacom – a company that provides cutting-edge digital ink solutions for a wide range of partners who use or produce smartphones, tablets, and digital stationery. By offering innovative products in the education field, Wacom’s digital ink solution helps teachers and students in their daily workflow. In particular, the solution provides teachers with insights that they lack due to the emergence of remote teaching and learning. 

As a partner, StageZero helps Wacom by handling data annotation, using Wacom’s own data model for describing the contents of digital ink. 

For Wacom’s projects, StageZero collects and labels complex digital handwriting samples, including notes, drawings, and scientific formulas with a scalable approach. With a network of 110 million global contributors for annotation, the resulting datasets offered by StageZero are fully labeled, authentic and diverse. This helps develop the next stages of AI automation in the digital ink space and contributes to Wacom’s improvement of their AI algorithms for semantic content recognition. 

StageZero partners with Wacom logos

In 2023, StageZero and Wacom continue their collaboration. Dr. Markus Weber – Principal Ink Technologist at Wacom explains that “StageZero's flexibility and their professional setup in terms of data privacy made it easy for us to comply with our strict corporate policies regarding data privacy and cybersecurity. They understand our specific needs and are proactive in facilitating solutions." 

At StageZero we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of privacy and data protection.  We know companies can have multiple corporate policies they must adhere to, from their unique purchasing processes to specific legalities, and we’re proud to receive great feedback on our flexible approach to those. 

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